The original stocking socks for better sense of barefoot

Great sole is dedicated to functional fashion. We've designed a stocking for you with a better sense of barefoot to keep up with your favorite sports and leisure activities


Ballet Inspiration Design - Feminine Socks Add Fashion to Your Feet or Ballet Workouts

Custom Molded Grip - Stamped to provide grip on your foot's main point of contact

Designed for Comfort - Natural Cotton Blend Keeps Your Feet Cool, and Compression Rib Arched Decor Provides Day-Long Comfort

Never slipped - the heel handle inside the sock holds it in place and firmly rests on the foot

Alternative barefoot hygiene - socks provide a barrier between the feet and floors, cushions and equipment that protects your feet from unnecessary dirt and bacteria

Our socks are suitable for all barefoot activities including Pilates, Barry, Yoga, piyo,  around the house or anything that requires better balance and control

Socks Specifications:

Fabric composition: 80% cotton | 18% cotton | 2% spandex |

Size: Free Size (less than 39 yards can be worn)

Weight: 37G

+ Nursing: wash with chiller. Dry at low temperatures or machine dry. Do not bleach or iron

Package Included:

1 * yoga socks

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